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I detest fear-mongering. People who cry, “The Sky is FALLING” make life more stressful for all of us. But just in case you were feeling all safe and snugly this morning, I thought I would raise a bit of an awareness alarm. This type of development has the potential to harm humans long before the melting icecaps drown New York city.

There are so many things to worry about in this article that I cannot even list them all. Everything they say is alarming. Especially Arnold back on the screen as a terminator.

Exponential machine AI intelligence growth is mind-boggling for a human. Machine generations and evolution are measured in minutes (and eventually seconds).  Whilst humans are trying to figure out how to pull the plug, the machines are evolving at a generation-a-minute rate and figuring out how to become self-powered at the self-sustaining nano-tech level. “Plug who needs a plug?”

The assumption of altruism is disturbing too. “Altruistic” does not necessarily imply empathetic or even sympathetic. Altruism assumes that the altruist is judging things from a human point of view. An Altruist may decide that the best thing for the planet is the elimination, or at least the reduction, of the human race, since we are, to quote “The Matrix”, …”” a virus on the face of this planet…”

Sawyer is hopeful, because he is at heart an optimist and a humanitarian optimist. But we cannot even decide as a planetary people to reduce our fossil fuel consumption because it might affect our “lifestyles”. I do not hold much hope that as a united decision we will come to limit the capability of “smart” machines. Even if we don’t imbue them with our hubris driven egos, we are likely to damn ourselves by giving them relentless logic, unfettered by conscience, human feelings, social awareness and shared evolution.




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